Friends worth crossing centuries for.
FIRST Tech Challenge Team 5937
Apopka, Florida
Founded 2012

Renaissance Robotics 

Renaissance Robotics

Ye Olde Renaissance Robotics History

We've loved every minute of our journey 

Once upon a time, all good stories start once upon a time, there were two homeschooled FIRST LEGO League  teams who noticed that they would eventually age out of that FIRST program. Not being willing to give up FIRST so easily, and knowing there was little chance that funds were available for two FIRST Tech Challenge teams they petitioned their coach to let them join forces and add a single FIRST Tech Challengeteam, so they all could continue in a FIRST robotics program.  Kids from both FLL teams would all join and learn about FIRST Tech Challenge while finishing up their FLL years. This is how we ended up participating in both FLL and FTC at the same time.

Our new team was based on the principles of Gracious Professionalism (Acts of Chivalry) and the idea that much like the Renaissance period, the team would have great technological advancements. The field of robotics is a modern day renaissance where many arts come together to birth new technologies. Design, engineering, math, and strategy form the heart of Renaissance Robotics.

2012-2013 Season

2012 - Ring It Up - Rookie Year!

The original eight kids ranged in age from 12-14 years old. All were homeschooled.

At the close of our rookie year, we ranked 10th out of 83 teams in the state of Florida. This earned us one of the 24 spots at the state championship. More important than the numbers on the score board, are the friendships we've made and the lessons we learned.

2012-13 Team Members

Adam - 13
Andrew - 13
Christian - 13
Isaac - 13
Jesse - 13
Morgan - 14
Pryce - 13
Rhiannon - 12

Plus, our "sibling support staff" - Alec, Andy, Frankie and Sasha. They were all so little this year, but they really were our biggest supporters! They were all so proud of their "official title" and took their role seriously!

We know that it is our responsibility to set a good example and have them learn with us, so that they become great Renaissance Robotics team mates, if they want to join when they turn 12.

Our mascot, "Bob the Severed Arm" has been with us since our FLL days and is our safety mascot for FTC.

2013-2014 Season

Our team has grown to nine kids, no longer just homeschoolers as two of our team mates are attending public school for the first time this year.

At the close of our this year, we ranked 2nd out of 114 teams in the state of Florida. This earned us one of the 24 spots at the state championship. At the Florida State Championship Renaissance Robotics earned another THINK Award. Renaissance Robotics was 1 of 10 teams chosen to represent Florida at the South Super Regional Championship in San Antonio, Texas.

2013-14 Team Members

Adam - 14
Andrew - 14
Devin - 13
Elizabeth - 14
Gwen - 13
Isaac - 14
Jesse - 14
Morgan - 15
Pryce - 14
Rhiannon - 13

We actually lost one kid, and gained two new ones. Christian, left to pursue other interests, but still remains on our sibling support staff which now also includes Gwenivyre. She's not actually any of our siblings, but we've known her since we were 5!

A new mascot, has been added, "Sir FIRST" has been a great reminder to act with chivalry and use gracious professionalism in all we do.

2014-2015 Season

Renaissance Robotics is now up to twelve kids. 

At the close of our third year, we ranked 22nd out of 134 teams in the state of Florida. This earned us one of the 24 spots at the state championship. At the Florida State Championship Renaissance Robotics earned CONNECT Award. Renaissance Robotics was 1 of 10 teams chosen to represent Florida at theSouth Super Regional Championship in San Antonio, Texas.

The past two years, our coach has been pulling double duty coaching both FLL and FTC for us and our siblings for the past two years. It's hard work. We moved the younger kids up to FTC early to help her not do so much running around for us.

 Of course, we somehow managed to help another FTC team get started this summer. They don't have a coach of their own yet, so she's helping to coach them!

Dean's List
Morgan - finalist
Adam - semi-finalist

2014-15 Team Members

Adam - 15
Andrew - 15
Devin - 14
Frankie - 11
Gwen - 14
Isaac - 15
Jesse - 15
Morgan - 16
Neakus - 15
Nicholas - 10
Pryce - 15
Rhiannon - 14

Elizabeth returned, as expected to Brick Buddies. This was the plan all along. Brick Buddies took a year off last year, so we took advantage of her short time with us. Nicholas is with us from FLL Legonators, with his ultimate plan being earning a spot on FRC Exploding Bacon.

2015-2016 Season

2015 -  RES-Q Game 

Ending our 4th year, we ranked 8th out of 173 teams in the state of Florida. This earned us one of the 24 spots at the state championship. At the Florida State Championship Renaissance Robotics earned the 2nd  PLACE INSPIRE Award and the THINK AWARD. Either one would advance them to the South Super Regional Championship in San Antonio, Texas.  

Renaissance Robotics was excited for our third trip back to Texas as 1 of 11 teams chosen to represent Florida at the South Super Regional Championship in San Antonio, Texas. 

Renaissance Robotics had our first 3 team members graduate at the end of this season. We now have an ALUMNI PROGRAM.

Dean's List
Jesse - Finalist
Isaac - Semi-Finalist

2015-16 Team Members

Adam - 16
Andrew - 16
Devin - 15
Frankie - 12
Gwen - 15
Isaac - 16
Jesse - 16
Jonathan - 17
Morgan - 17
Pryce - 16
Rhiannon - 15

Nicholas received his spot on Exploding Bacon! We'll miss him, but glad to help him reach his goal of joining  his brothers team. Added one new member, Jonathan, who we'll only have for one season as he's a senior.

2016-2017 Season

History repeats itself. We made it to the Florida State Championship and advanced once again to the South Super Regionals. This time it was on 3rd place Inspire and the Think Award. Athens, GA was the new location.
An exciting new achievement was attending the FIRST WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Houston, Texas.

Renaissance Robotics had 4 more team members graduate and join our ALUMNI PROGRAM.

Dean's List
Rhiannon - Finalist
Devin - Semi-Finalist

2016-17 Team Members

Adam - 17
Devin - 15
Frankie - 13
Gwen - 15
Isaac - 17
Jeremiah - 14
Jesse - 17
Luke - 14
Pryce - 17
Rhiannon - 16

We added two new team members this season. We'll lose four at the end of the year to graduation, but all will remain as part of our alumni support network.

2017-2018 Season

Kick-off is September 9th, 2017!

Not sure what the new game is yet, nor what the season will bring, but we are excited for it!

2017-18 Team Members

Returning team members:

Frankie - 13
Gwen - 16
Luke - 14
Rhiannon - 16

We can have  up to 15 team members. Spots available!  No experience Necessary.