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FIRST Tech Challenge Team 5937
Apopka, Florida
Founded 2012

Renaissance Robotics 

Renaissance Robotics

Pit Planning

  • Pits typically come in 2 types - the 'just a table' type and the 'create a booth' type. 

  • Think of your pit area as your 'store front'. This is often someone's first impression of your team. Make it count at events AND at demos.

  • Get the size of the space you'll have in advance including what is provided - table size and shape, number of chairs, power, etc - this information is often hard to get! If you are hosting an event, PLEASE do the attending teams a favor and tell them the nature of the pits well before the event. Getting this information the day before an event, does not give you time to plan!

  • Do a trial run of the pit set up at home or in CAD - do you have room for everything? including your team?

Pack well - you want to have easy access to the things that get set up first. You should not have to unpack everything to get to the table cloth which goes down first.

  • Make sure you can haul what you pack! Does it fit in your vehicle? Does it fit through doors? Is it too heavy to carry? Do you have a cart or box? Will those be part of your pit display or in your way? Do they match your theme?

  • Is it user friendly? Can you get to the stuff you need like your tools or LUNCH? 

  • Is it inviting to the public and judges? You want to be able to talk to them, but may not want them inside your pit area.

  • Candy, buttons and other handouts are great - especially candy.

  • Is your pit identifiable as yours? Play up your teams theme, team colors, team mascot etc. Your pit should be uniquely yours! Have fun with it. Renaissance Robotics uses castle themed toys and home made medieval type flags / banners and a sponsor shield to help theme our pit when we have room for a booth. The same idea is scaled back when we only have a table - which is most often.

  • Keep it clean - contain water bottles, throw out trash.

  • Long table cloths are great at hiding your stuff - they also make a great hide out for little kids - our sibling support staff comes with us and they'd happily play (and sometimes nap) under the table when they were younger. One of our team members ended up getting sick with a fever at the state championship our rookie year and napped under the table hidden by the table cloth.

Renaissance Robotics' Pit

  • Background layer is BLUE - this helps our maroon and black tournament garb show up against the different color background. Table cloths, pavilion and banner are all blue. Our home made flags and banners tie the maroon and blue together.

  • Pretty much everything else in our booth is a combination of black, maroon, grey/silver - which all tie into our team colors. Tool boxes. carts, benches are all selected to match these colors when it is practical. We will ALWAYS choose FUNCTION over style, but have not had a problem finding items that worked for us in our teams colors.

  • We view our website as an extension of our pit - same color theme - blue backgrounds, red and black for other items.

Pit at an Outreach Event

We have great fun hanging out with friends from other teams in our pit. It's hard to miss Super 7's yellow shirts in our booth. As you can see, we were NOT doing a very good job of keeping our booth neat this day. Often, it is not until you see the pictures from an event do you realize the impression your pit is making.