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Apopka, Florida
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Renaissance Robotics 

Renaissance Robotics

Reuse & Recycle 


Recycled, scavenged and upcycled items have always been part of Renaissance Robotics. You get REALLY creative when you have limited resources.

Renaissance Robotics will sometimes end up with donated items that we can't use. We'd like to offer them to other teams that maybe able to use them and keep them out of the landfills. We'll have a box of recycled treasures at our Tesla Robotics League Meets. Teams can take items or leave their own unwanted treasures for another team. 

Since we may not be able to bring everything to meets, we will also add pictures here. If you see something you can use, please contact us.

Items Currently Available

We'll try and keep this list as current as possible. 

  • Metal junk box an assortment of various recycled metals that can be refashioned into something else for your robot, steampunk or cosplay items, or just for fun.
  • Heavy duty desk staplers.
  • Old printer parts - have potential for linear slide
  • Coupon books minus the Winn Dixie coupons - we sell these as a fund raiser, but many people only want the grocery store coupons and will give us the remaining ones back. Lots of great coupons, that we can not use in the quantities we get back!

Reverse Engineering Boxes

When we get a surplus of items, Renaissance Robotics will create "Reverse Engineering Boxes" that can be used for outreach events. We'll include a variety of items and a  couple of suggested projects to do with them. All we ask, is that you pick up or pay shipping and take pictures of the outreach event you are doing and share them with us.